Founded at the beginning of the 17th century by Juan de Torrecillas, the estate used to be home to many families. This land was their only source of sustenance and they lived, generation after generation, by treating it with care. These self-sufficient women and men left their mark, their ideas and their works, laying the foundations for building something unique.

For the last 200 years, the same family has been running the estate, respecting the past while looking to the future. This is what makes it a wonderful place to experience and enjoy.


350 m above the level of the Mediterranean Sea, the estate’s territory is distributed around a main house covering 1,000 m2.

To the north, it is bounded by the Carrascoy mountain range, where there is a labourer’s cottage measuring 200 m2. It then slopes down gently southwards, offering other cultivated landscapes, while the view stretches into the distance, towards the waters of the Mediterranean.

The city of Murcia is 25 km away – nearby, but not too close to interfere – while Cartagena is 35 km away. Nowadays, motorways, the airport and the cruise liner port provide perfect access to the region around the estate.

So far away, but so near… unspoilt surroundings free of outside influences: on our land, nature begins and urban development ends.


400,000 m2 on more than 100 terraces of certified organic crops and 540,000 m2 of woodland and natural pasture make up the total area of the state.

Almond, olive and carob trees, most of them more than 100 years old, form the traditional agricultural basis of the estate, but the hills also do their part with desert truffles, asparagus, aromatic and medicinal plants, esparto grass, timber, honey and other natural gifts.


On the state, there are outcrops of marine fossils, wonderful evidence of the time, millennia ago, when these lands of farmland and pasture at this point on the Iberian Peninsula formed the bed of what would later be the Mediterranean Sea.

Water tanks and other ancient constructions for making use of rainwater form part of our landscape and culture, together with our cuisine and a particular concern for health.


More than 120 species of woodland plants, including orchids, endemic bulbs, aromatic, medicinal and other plants with great ecological value. More than 40 species of birds live here, including some as iconic as the great horned owl, or as unusual as the golden oriole. There are mammals like the fox and the hare, and reptiles and amphibians like the ocellated lizard and the natterjack toad. The estate represents an ideal habitat for all of them.

The human factor has been crucial in conserving it over the generations.


Camino Garcias 90, 30153

Corvera, Murcia, Spain.

Phone  (+34) 629 339 356

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