Finca Torrecillas eco retreat is a private estate that has proposed to carry out direct action programs to against desertification and  to preserve biodiversity, within its 1,000,000 m2 large protected territory at natural protected area  Carrascoy-El Valle in Murcia Region. Our philosophy is help conserve the environment as a common factor that benefits the whole society.



Is our first project and to carry it out we need your help.

The goal is to plant 1.000 carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua) until Easter 2019 with the aim of creating a structure in the farm that works as a refuge and enrich the biodiversity of birds, mammals and other fauna and flora.


Centenary carob tree at Finca Torrecillas eco retreat Corvera Murcia

The carob tree is a large tree emblematic of the region, relatively fast growth, adapts perfectly to climatic conditions, does not need virtually tillage, does not require fertilizers or phytosanitary and most importantly: it is an authentic CO2 gas sink. Its function will be to create the roof of this dehesa structure, under which both animals and strategic plants will find refuge for the ecosystem that on the farm and in the region is very rich and vulnerable.


We ask for your collaboration in this social project

Sponsor the planting of a tree at the price of € 20 per unit and in return you receive:

 – 1 FREE guided theme journey at the Finca to learn about the history, biodiversity and gastronomy of the place. Take a look at

Discount of 10% on the activities and events of the farm for 1 year.

– We will label the tree with your name and you can be part of the group of people who are responsible for the conservation of the environment.

– Participate in the plantation, come for visit and take care of your tree whenever you want. When it comes to fruition it will be for you. We will carry out plantations every Sunday.

– Create a world a little better for you and for the whole society.

We have just started and we already have the first supports Join us!

Contact us through our website or via facebook to start your supporting on this project.