Grandmother María Luisa Palomo Estremera (1920) and her mother Isabel Estremera García (1892) compiled and preserved a unique collection of traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine that became the food cooked every day on the estate, bringing all its inhabitants pleasure, energy and health. Now you have the exclusive opportunity to cook and taste all these dishes, working in the same original surroundings, with the help of our local cooks.

– Welcome in the main house.

– Brief introduction to the estate, its history and the recipe collection.

– Learn with our cooks: starter, salad, main dish, dessert.

– Introduction to pairing the dishes with recommended local wines.

– Aperitif.

– Tasting the menu.

– Walk on the estate.

DURATION 6 TO 8 HOURS Price €85 per person

GROUPS FROM 10 to 20 people